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  • Euro Standard Lockcase
  • Model:  M07
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  1. Important Tips

  2. Don't use deadbolt as door stopper,this will cause serious problem if deadbolt is damaged or bended

  3. Make sure enough spaces are left for any part of thr lock. it is extremely prohibited to hammer in the mortise or the screws.Use a kanife,saw or file to fix the hole to make sure the mortise can go inside smoothly. Making sure the spindles or cylinder does not hit any wood.

  4. Make sure the hole for the lacth is deep enough and no burr left inside,when the latch hit the wood or burr,continuous alarming will be activated

  5. ADJUST THE cylinder to the correct the depth to make sure that the cylinder and the lock plate are on the horizontal line.

  6. Be careful with the cable during installation.any cable breaking will result in malfunction

  7. The deadbolt knob should be upright not horizontal