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  • Hotel Phone
  • Model:  HT-1003(Black)
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Box Size:22.7*6.0*21.0CM
Carton Size:47.0*35.0*44.5CM

  1. Professionally designed panel with hotel name and logo printed available;

  2. Compatibilited with the PBX of NEC,SIEMENS,PHILIPHS,Alcatel;Huawei and others  mainstream switches;

  3. One-touch button(+10?+5?+3?+0);

  4. Flash time adjustble to fit for different exchange and three way talk;

  5. additional weight on land-line,body does not easily slip or pull down the floor when lifting the handset ;standard flash time is 600ms;

  6. Dual tones electronic ringing and volume  High/Low  adjustable;

  7. Hand-free call volume multilevel adjustable;

  8. Large message light, voice message extraction;

  9. hands-free multi-level volume control, clear sound;

  10. Automatic take-up function;Music on hold/Mute;

  11. storage key-memory funcation;

  12. automatic redial key;Flash/Transfer;Auto re-dial;

  13. In use indicator light;Dest and wall mountable;

  14. Data socket;Thunder-proof and Anti_EMI design;

  15. waterproof and moisture proof;