ORBITA Smart Hotel System

ORBITA smart hotel solutions leverage the power of the IoT, cloud computing, AI and other new-gen information technologies to achieve the smart hotel operations through the automatic sensing and detection of equipment and data transmission and calculation. ORBITA provides guests with smart products that are energy-saving, safe, convenient and comfortable, so that guests can experience the surprises and warmth brought by smart products and services. Satisfying user experience and word-of-mouth can greatly boost your hotel's occupancy rate and brand awareness.

Advantages of ORBITA Smart Hotel Systems

With all-scenario smart hotel products, ORBITA aims to provide customers with the most comprehensive and complete smart hotel total solution. We will keep rolling out better and smarter products to meet the ever-rising standards of our customers.
ORBITA smart hotel systems overcomes the constraints of traditional single-channel booking by broadening the range of booking channels to realize remote booking on portable devices, which brings ease of operation, multiple choice, and increased occupancy rate.
ORBITA boasts strong backstage management and remote supervision capabilities to improve hotel management and service quality, letting guests feel at home and enjoy efficient, humanized and innovative hotel services. ORBITA effectively saves human resources and labor costs; precise and smart control effectively reduces energy consumption, so that your hotel goes up in profits and down in costs.

System Application Diagram

Guest Room Management System

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