ORBITA E4041 bluetooth LOCK Installation instructions

2022-08-23 09:07
E4041 LCD bluetooth lock is A real user friendly and fashionable lock with room confirmation and text / symbol indication.
1: Support the latest RFID &NFC technology with Mifare 13.56MHz technology
2: Optional Bluetooth & Wireless Online solution
3: Fire rated(CE, SIRIM), optional UL fire rated mortise
4: Moisture & dust proof BHMA (circling test) listed ANSI mortise
5: Panic release function
6: 304 stainless steel corrosion resistant handle and frame with acrylic panels fashion design
7: Free Turn anti-violence handle Hidden mechanical override cylinder
8: Standard 1680 events, optional 3360 events
9: Interface with Opera or FIAS format PMS
10: Operated with 4 standard AA alkaline batteries lasting 12~24 months
11: Low battery voltage warning
12: Wireless Portable Programmer LCD screen showing: Welcome, Room number, Weekday, Battery status, Wrong operation indication etc
13: Room card compatible with hotel lift reader & common access reader for Parking / Swimming Pool/ Sauna Room/ Tennis Court/ Gym etc
E4041 bluetooth LOCK Installation diagram