Orbita Hotel Lock Passed UL-10C Test

2023-04-27 16:57
Orbita, a leading provider of electronic locks and access control systems for the hospitality industry, has announced that its latest hotel lock has passed the UL-10C test, which is one of the most rigorous and widely recognized standards for door hardware.

The UL-10C test evaluates the ability of a door lock to withstand a 450-degree Fahrenheit fire for 3 hours without allowing flames or hot gases to pass through the door or the lock. This is a critical safety requirement for any door that separates a fire-rated area from a non-rated area, such as a hotel guest room door.

The Orbita hotel lock that passed the UL-10C test is the latest addition to the company's range of advanced electronic locks. It is designed to provide high-security access control for hotel guest rooms while ensuring ease of use and convenience for guests and staff.
The UL-10C certification together with the BHMA certiciation that ORBITA gained several years ago are testaments to the durability and reliability of the Orbita hotel lock. It assures hotel owners and managers that the lock will provide maximum security and protection for their guests in the event of a fire. It also demonstrates Orbita's commitment to providing the highest quality products and services to the hospitality industry.
In conclusion, the Orbita hotel lock passing the UL-10C test is a significant achievement for the company and the hospitality industry as a whole. It sets a new standard for electronic locks and access control systems, ensuring that hotels can provide the highest level of safety and security for their guests. Hotel owners and managers from U.S. and any other  markets can now confidently choose the Orbita hotel lock for their properties, knowing that it has been rigorously tested and certified to meet the most stringent safety standards.