ORBITA Hotel Lock

Security    Comfort    Effciency


      S4032G LCD luxury design hotel lock

      • Material:Stainless Steel,Moisture Proof,Fire Retardant
      • Working Voltage:DC6V or 4 AAA Alkaline batteries
      • Low Voltage Alarm:<4.8V
      • Working Environment:-20℃~60℃
      • Unlocking record:1680PCS
      • Door Thickness:32-70mm
      • Keycard Option:Mifare 1 card
      • Size:L100mm x W65mm x H15mm
Product Details:
  1. LCD display show Welcome、Room Number 、Date、Time、Weekday 、Battery Status 、Wrong Operation Indication
  2. Interface with most of the PMS system,Fidelio/Opera registered
  3. CE & FCC Certified
  4. Stainless steel color lasts more than 10 years
  5. Stainless steel Europe Mortise Anti-panic Function
  6. Inside Deadbolt,Inside handle retracts latches and deadbolt
  7. Mifare 1K card,compatible with Mifare Energy Saver
  8. Lost Guest Card suspension simply by issuing a new guest card with suspending function
  9. Low battery voltage warning.(Lower then 4.8V).
  10. Self Error detecting by LED and “Beep”
  11. Passage Model function available
  12. Can be integrated with 16 public areas such as Lift/Parking/Swimming Pool/Sauna Room/Tennis Court/Gym...etc


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