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      OBT-TE40D Semi-Conducto Electric Wine Cooler/minbar

      Semi-conductor cooling, with fan, without hinged lid

      Effective volume : 40L
      Cooling temperature : 13-18℃
      Net weight : 11.8 KGS
      Gross weight : 12.8 KGS
      Loading capacity:  '20' container  220
                                    '40' container  460
                                    '40' HC container  572
      Size (WxDxH)mm : 430*410*501 mm
      Packing Size(W*D*H)mm : 460*440*530 mm
Product Details:
Product Description:

The advantages of semiconductor cooling: absolute safety, environmental protection and low carbon, and efficient cooling.

1: Absolute safety: without any fluid coolant and welded pipe fittings, there is no potential danger of leakage and there is no need to worry about the quality of the weld and the density or corrosion of the pipe fittings, so there is no danger safety potential. that it can be said that it is absolutely safe;

2: Environmental protection and low carbon: no refrigerant, no damage to the atmosphere, no damage to the environment, and no secondary pollution.

3: Energy saving: no compressor, more energy saving.

4: Constant cooling semiconductor materials, the system structure is optimized by the "Peltier effect", and the temperature can be adjusted to 8-18 ° C or 11-18 ° C at an ambient temperature of 25 ° C. It is the most suitable constant storage temperature for red wine.