ORBITA Hotel Lock

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      E3592 ORBITA hotel lock

      • Material:304 Stainless Steel material
      • Working Voltage:DC6V or 4 AA Alkaline batteries
      • Low Voltage Alarm:<4.8V
      • Working Environment:-20℃~60℃
      • Unlocking record:1680PCS
      • Door Thickness:32-70mm
      • Keycard Option:Mifare 1 card
      • Size: L295mm x W76mm X H17mm
Product Details:
  • Interface with most of the PMS system,Fidelio/Opera registered
  • CE & UL Certified
  • Stainless steel color lasts more than 10 years
  • ANSI Standard mortise
  • Inside Deadbolt,Inside handle retracts latches and deadbolt
  • Mifare 1K card,compatible with Mifare Energy Saver
  • Lost Guest Card suspension simply by issuing a new guest card with suspending function
  • Multiple operators with different card issuing authorization
  • Low battery voltage warning.(Lower then 4.8V).
  • Self Error detecting with “Beep”
  • Passage Model function available
  • Can be integrated with 16 public areas such as Lift/Parking/Swimming Pool/Sauna Room/Tennis Court/Gym...etc



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